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Our Workflow


State of the art equipment from the worlds best makers, constantly updated to ensure your sound is fresh. Including units from Event, Focusrite, iZotope + more


Your in safe hands, our team of Mastering engineers are all established Artists & Industry Professionals each with a clinical ear for high quality sound.


Industry standards are difficult to understand, so we can manage it for you. Choose from simple packages including WAV, Red Book CD, Radio Ready e.t.c.


We like to ensure all our Masters sound fantastic, which is why we allow one free revision to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

How to Upload Your Music

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No Compressors or limiters

Please don’t use limiters/compressors on the master channel. Try to leave at least -3dB headroom. This means the peaks of the signal should not exceed the -3dBFS mark of your digital meter.

Its best to have this headroom so our team can work their magic without loosing the integrity of your production.


Record/Bound in 32 or 24bitwav-file

Record/Bounce your song in 32bit or 24bit lossless. (.WAV or AIFF only). No dither or normalize. Add extra empty bars before and after your arrangement.


Name your tracks

To make the process quick and easy its best to name your tracks accordingly: ‘Artist’_’trackname’_’BitDepth’_Premaster:

e.g “Mr_Crank_Banger1_24Bit_Premaster.wav”

Select from a Package below depending on your requirements.

At checkout you will be able to upload your music files, please make sure you use the checklist on the next tab to ensure your files are ready for Mastering.

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