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Gear Essentials - Our Reccommendations

Gear Essentials - Our Reccommendations

Over many years of production, our team has gone through their fair share of studio monitors, sound cards, midi keyboards and soft synths, with varying degrees of quality and success.

We’ve compiled a list of equipment that has really stood out to us.


Studio Monitors


Genelec 8040B Bi-Amplified Monitor

Genelec are commonly regarded by top sound engineers as one of the best studio monitor brands on the market. The 8040B is featured in world class production setups for both Music & Film.


Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

The legendary Yamaha HS series has become a staple for almost any engineer, its cost effective but sounds honest. Its common for larger studios to have a pair of HS8’s for Referencing.


Yamaha MSP7 Studio Monitor

Yamaha’s “STUDIO” series monitors have been designed with serious monitoring in mind. Emphasis is on reference-quality reproduction precision that lets you hear sonic details, rather than flattering sound.

MIDI Keyboards


M-Audio Code 49

An essential for the studio or live setup. Getting hands on with a instrument is a great medium to get your ideas down during a jam or give your live performance a more personal touch. The M-Audio does this all plus more for a pretty decent price.


Sound Cards


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Having quality monitors is important, but they can be let down by cheap sound cards, the Focusrite Scarlett is an exception here. Featuring some of the best converters on the market it delivers true quality audio at a low cost.

Focusrite Forte

For the more professional studio, the Forte offers high class audio and performance with four outputs which means greater expandability and in future. It also comes with award winning software plugins by Focusrite.

TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6

For those who want the desktop control pad of the Forte, but after something a bit cheaper the Desktop Konnekt 6 is a popular choice. In addition to the 2 inputs & outputs, you also have an inbuilt monitor section for recording on the go.



Shure SRH 440

For anyone looking for a low cost closed back headphone that performs well above its price bracket, the SRH 440 wins over all. A beautifully honest sounding can with Shures signature warm Mid Range and superior built quality.

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro

Beyerdynamic have been pioneering professional headphones for decades, the DT-990 is acclaimed for its sonic accuracy & solid build quality. Also with a modest price tag it makes it hard to beat for a mid range open back studio can.

AKG Pro Audio K702

A popular choice for studio professionals, utilising the latest and greatest of audio technology to create a light weight, true sounding set of headphones. Above all they are super comfy to wear, essential for long studio sessions.

Sennheiser HD 25

While not great for studio work, these are the best of the best for live performance, great sound, super effective noise cancelation & build quality that was designed for the toughest of conditions. These little cans are the perfect mixing buddy.

Soft Synths


Native Instruments Komplete 11

Every producer or engineer has a common set of tools for their work, the Native Instruments Komplete plug in is one of those staples, with infinite possibilities it allows the user to craft the sound they are looking for.



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The 5 most important PRE production tips for beginners

The 5 most important PRE production tips for beginners

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the feeling of starting a new track? Throughout our years of production, we’ve figured out some great ways to set yourself up for success, before you even start writing! These techniques make sure you can get the most efficient start and keep that inspired feeling rolling.


1. Identify what key you’re going to write in and which notes it contains.

If you’re not great with music theory this is so important. A simple Google search of ‘notes in (your key of choice)’ will do the trick. I like to then copy the info into the notes section of my DAW, allowing quick, easy access.


notes in key google search


2. Create a Collection of your favourite Samples & Presets.

There’s nothing worse than struggling to find that perfect snare or synth stab, right when you’re feeling inspired. In your spare time, dig through those gigabytes of sample packs and presets on your hard drive and create a folder of the best ones. You could arrange these by key or tempo for further convenience.



3. Chose a reference track for structure/arrangement inspiration.

Getting that perfect tension release in your composition can be very challenging. I like to drag one of my favourite songs into my DAW and analyze its structure. You don’t have to copy it bar for bar, but it’s a great way to get ideas.



4. Design sounds before you begin.

As we all know, making sounds can be a long tiring task. Separate your sound design from the actual production process, so that when you’re in that peak inspiration state, there’s nothing holding you back from getting your ideas out.



5. Disable your Internet connection.

Yep, turn it off. It’s time for serious production work, not Facebook.


We’d love to hear your favourite pre-production workflow techniques. Let us know in the comments below.

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Halfmoon Festival - Koh Phangan

Halfmoon Festival - Koh Phangan

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world in the past two decades. This is also the place where you can find more than 1000 beautiful, exotic islands. One of these islands is Koh Phangan. This amazing island is located in the south-east part of Thailand in the Surat Thani province. This is a popular tourist hotspot known for its beaches, pleasant climate, pleasant people and one of the most exciting festivals in the world – the Halfmoon Festival.




This is a very popular outdoor dance music event that takes place between full moon and new moon which means every 15-16 days. Of course, most people know about the Full Moon Party, but the Halfmoon Festival is the true gem of Koh Phangan.

This Festival is a unique event. There are only a small number of places in the world where you can release your inner energy and enjoy the music in the amazing nature, amongst palm trees and sandy beaches. Koh Phangan is one of these places. Those who are interested to be part of this festival should find accommodation in the main town on this island – Had Rin. This town as well as all other places on this island is a true example of the hospitality of Thai people and their hedonistic view of life. 



The Halfmoon Festival takes place in the southwest part of Koh Phangan and although the audience is surrounded with nature people are still close to all the things they need. When it comes to the festival itself, people can enjoy the skills and talent of some of the best DJs in the world. What is even better, this unforgettable party is spiced up with other artists and performers so it is not unusual to see attractive dancers, fire blowers, face painters and fireworks too.


This Summers Lineup Includes


Royal Flush





Liquid Soul






Even though the Halfmoon Festival is organized about two times a month, each festival is attended by thousands of people from every corner of the world.

If you are not staying at Koh Phangan you can use the railway, bus or airline to go to Koh Samui before you reach Koh Phangan. Those who are accommodated in Koh Samui don’t have to look for accommodation in Phangan because they can always use regular boat lines to get back.

As previously mentioned, there are many things that you can do on this island before and after this amazing festival so make sure to find some time to stay on this island while the festival lasts. Of course, you should make sure that you have enough energy for the festival itself because the party goes until sunrise!

So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time and organize a trip to Koh Phangan and be part of the next Halfmoon Festival!



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